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Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mission


              Praying Time 


This is an invitation for anyone who has a heart for Prayer.

The act of prayer is sacred and open to everyone, whether you participate in our Mount Calvary ministry or not. We pray to lift the concerns, celebrations, in life, We invite you to walk this path of prayer with us.If you need Pastor to Pray for you please reach out to us we have a Team of Prayer Warriors and we are here to lift you up in Prayer.



If you need Pastor to Counsel you please dont hesitate to call email or reach out to him


Pastor Freddie Howard

127 West 3rd. Street Laplace La. 70068



Pastoral Care








Mental Health Issues 

       Mount Calvary         Baptist Church       Mission Statement

   At Mount Calvary we are a group of

  Christians working together for a common cause,  We are a Place where your Past doesn't Matter and where Your Future Will Be Brighter .... Grow as Gods family, We believe the church is the Living Body of Christ and the building is the Center where Ministry begins & Growth continues. Praising his name , Evangelizing through            Witnessing

Gods People through Discipleship



  Prayer  Request



   Please submit your       prayer request.


Every request sent to us receives Loving Compassionate attention. Please know we are here for you and that you are Never alone .....

Please Call Pastor Freddie Howard At Mount Calvary







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